Breathing Nano-Mask, Protection level: FFP3, Exhaled silicone valve



  • Breathing Nano-Mask
  • Protection level: FFP3
  • Exhaled silicone valve
  • Carbon activated layer
  • Seven cleaning layers
Usage and ApplicationDust, gases and industrial pollutants
SpecificationsMask layers from the inner layer to the outer:

1.    A Polypropylene band sponge layer (40 g/m2) as an inner protective layer (to make them a comfortable feel)
2.    A span layer of Polypropylene band (30 g/m2) as a base for the nano-fibre layer
3.    The thin nanofiber layer containing carbon activated particles coated in white on a second coloured layer as a filter of nano-particles
4.    A sponge layer (60 g/m2) for strengthening the mask
5.    A melt blown layer (25 g/m2) as a pre-filter layer for micron particles
6.    A black span band layer (40 g/m2)
7.    A sponge layer (60 g/m2) as an outer guard


1.    Exterior springs
2.    Three-layer anti-allergy pad in the upper edge of the mask to prevent skin sensation and tightness of the edge of the mask over the skin.
3.    Comfortable during long-term use and high activities
4.    Sealing the top part of the mask to prevent particles enter to the nose

Standards & CertificatesEN 149:2001+A1:2009