WORLD BIOLIFE is a knowledge-based startup from Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands that is active in the field of nanobiotechnology. The goal of this startup is improving the quality of life in the whole world through designing and producing the bio-products. Our young, motivated, and creative research members are the strength and reliance of our team and support us in this path.


The first production of our team is the nano respirator mask. Our respirator masks are multifunctional and are able to protect users against various types of pathogenic, Particulate Matter (PM10 & PM2.5), bacterias, chemical gases, and odour! Our nano masks with 5 to 7 protection layers have EN149: 2001 standard for cleaning of fine dust (FFP2, FFP3, N99, N100) along with a certificate from Nelson Labs of USA.


If we have your attention or you desire to have a specific type of respiratory Nano-mask, please feel free to contact us through:


Management Team

Ali Roghani
CEO & Co-Founder of World Biolife
Sander Gerrits
Sales Agent of World Biolife

Advisory Board

Saeed Roghani
Technology Advisor
Co-Founder of several successful start-ups
Jan Hellinga
Business Strategy Advisor
Managing Partner Omeogroep